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buuteeq Partnership

While buuteeq promotes and analyzes the performance of your digital 'brand', BookingCenter helps you make money and cut costs by tying your front and back office (PMS) operations into a seamless, 24 x 7 global reservation system. It all happens automatically.

With Property Management (both Mac and PC client/server and 'cloud' systems), PCI-compliant credit card handling and a seamless interface to buuteq's booking engine for real-time and secure online bookings, hoteliers/innkeepers focus on actionable improvements to their business, as opposed to manual processes. And leave the software, backup, and tech support to us!

With BookingCenter's integrated GDS and channel management capabilities, we also offer access to over 600,000 travel agents, millions of travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz,, Priceline, and thousands of other travel systems (mobile devices, Facebook, car navigation, etc). And not just rates and availability, but even images, policies, amenities, etc. Manage once and the entire global channel updates – in real time!

This allows you to sell through your website, buuteeq, and the major OTAs with no commission fees – either a per transaction or a small monthly fee for unlimited bookings through major OTA channel (GDS system still require a commission). No one offers the value that BookingCenter does.

In a nutshell, BookingCenter and buuteeq help you perform the perfect marketing strategy: work efficiently from your front desk using a 'cloud' Property Management System, manage seamlessly your online bookings and web traffic, and accept new bookings from global sources, all with the goal of bringing guests direct to you through no cost or low cost channels - enabling a 'repeat guest' strategy all properties work to achieve.

If you want to learn more about how BookingCenter can help you now and in the future, contact us today.

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