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Agent Management

BookingCenter works seamlessly with GDS 'Negotiated Rates' (such as an IBM, AAA, or a Military rate), with Net Rate companies (such as Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline, etc), or through the Agents you create in BookingCenter. Each Agent can be managed through a special Rate and Allocation of your available rooms.

How your Agent channels are managed depends upon the BookingCenter product used.

Desktop Pro Agent Management Demo

In this example, we are going to use an Agent called All Travel, one of our local Agents.

  • They receive a 10% commission on their bookings from the property (as the commission rate below shows).
  • The property is going to be charged a $5 flat fee for their online bookings by the BookingCenter Central Reservation Service (the Network commission 'Fee per Booking' set below ).
  • To incentives them to sell more rooms, we are offering them a 15% discount on the rooms they see at our website (the Network Loading value of -15%).
  • If we sent this Agent a URL or had a special link on our website that they clicked on, that Agent would see our current inventory with rates discounted 15%.

But there's more! See how special RATES and ALLOCATIONS are assigned to each Agent.


In this next example, we are going to provide a special rate and a percentage of our available rooms to the Agent AT (All Travel). This way, we know exactly how many of our rooms they see and we can control our yields better, so that they only get the 15% discount on a limited amount of rooms. We are providing them only the percentage below (40%, 50%, and 60%) at the rates (STD, AGENTS, and AGENTQ) we want them to see.

You can be assured that only the percentage of total rooms on any given day will be sold to the All Travel Agent at the specified rate. When more than 40% of the Single's have been sold on that day, no more will be available, and the Agent will see a "No Rooms Available at Your Allocations" message and can either call you, book direct through your website at the standard rates, or send a request.

To see how this works, try a demonstration by choosing a specific room for a specific day.

    Your public website would display:
    Try it now!

    The All Travel Agent website (email link or special area on your website) would display:
    Try it now!

Each booking is sent to your BookingCenter software. You then manage your Agent payments and commissions as you would any other Travel Agent.

BookingCenter provides a simple, easy-to-use strategy for managing your Global Booking Network agents - from within the BookingCenter Software product. As a BookingCenter customer , working with Agents is automatic, and we bring you new Agents each month, ready to do business.

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