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POS Macintosh Hardware Setup Guide

This guide is meant to help Macintosh OS X users get BookingCenter - recommended Point of Sale hardware components working. Most workstations established as BookingCenter Point of sale terminals will have the following components that this guide will help to address:

  1. Connect a Receipt printer
  2. Connect a Credit Card swiper
  3. Prepare your BookingCenter Register
  4. Prepare Your BookingCenter Register Printer
  5. Enable Register Printers in BookingCenter
  6. Access and manage your Gateway account
  7. Issuing Refunds, Auth Only captures, and ChargeBacks from BookingCenter

Connect a Receipt Printer

BookingCenter recommends Epson POS products, and usually ships these to our POS customers. For Mac OSX, we use only network printers that connect via Ethernet. Although other printers may follow similar guidelines, the Epson TM class are what we support and these printers can't be beat for price/performance.

The Epson's POS products come with an Ethernet interface that needs to be addressed as an IP address on the network . The Epson comes with the necessary cables - power and ethernet - to connect the POS printer to an Ethernet network.

First, plug the A/C Adapter into the Epson Printer and the wall. Prepare the Epson with the cartridge and paper as specified in the manuals that come with the printer. Follow the instructions to set the IP address of the printer to anaddress that can be found on your network. Your Network Administrator will be necessary, or use the manual from Epson to accomplish this. • Note, BookingCenter support staff can NOT assign IP addresses for your printer(s).

    POS Printer reusable: A case of printer paper will cost ~$120 and an extra box of 12 ribbons is ~$100. One roll of paper and ribbon is usually included with each purchase. Contact your local office supplier or ConsumerChoicePOS.Com or phone +1 (877) 699-5779 to order reusable Printer supplies.

Connect the USB Credit Card swiper

Simply unpack the USB credit card swiper (a shown below) and plug it into the free USB port of your computer or into the USB hub you are using.

If you buy your card swipers form BookingCenter, there is no need for worry, the swiper wil work. However, some other card readers may only be used on a Macintosh after being programmed on a Windows machine to use the Track 1 data from credit card swipes. If BookingCenter did not sell you your swiper, then perform this work on your own.

Prepare your BookingCenter Register

You must have purchased the BookingCenter Point of Sale Module for EACH computer to use a Point of Sale station. Each BookingCenter station has a unique ID 'per terminal' to assure proper transaction reporting. Choose the BookingCenter Parameters | Inventory | Registers to view the screen as below:

Make each Register a unique ID (such a "Register 1", "Bar" , "Front Desk", etc...) by choosing "NEW" or "EDIT". Once done, click the "Set" button to set the Register once and for all. By doing this, each time BookingCenter launches on this computer, the computer will 'know' it's Register ID.

    Description: This is the Description used by the reports when doing Sales and Registers reports.

    State Tax Exempt: This setting will make all transactions issued from this Register State Tax Exempt.

    Local Tax Exempt: This setting will make all transactions issued from this Register Local Tax Exempt.

    Default Guest: If you do a lot of Cash sales (off-the-street type of sales) then create a new BookingCenter Guest called 'Cash Sales" and enter the Guest ID in this filed to make default sales from this register a Cash Sale account. If you normally add Sales items from this register to active accounts for Guests staying 'in-house' then do not worry about this setting.

    Use Magnetic Card Reader: If this computer will have a credit acrd reader attached to it, then choose this setting. If you will entering credit card data automatically (by typing credit card names and numbers into BookingCenter Receipts) then do not check this box. Note, you can still type credit card data into a Receipt even if you are using a credit card reader.

    Use Online Authorization: If this computer will be connected to the Internet to authorize credit card transactions, then choose this setting. Note: ALL Receipt Types that have been chosen as "Credit Cards" and "Internet Enabled" (as shown below from Parameter | Booking System | Receipt Types) will try to process via the Internet if this option is checked. Only use this if you have setup an Authorize.Net or IBM Payment Gateway Account with BookingCenter.

Prepare Your BookingCenter Register Printer

When viewing your BookingCenter POS Register (as above), choose the Printer button to open the Register Printers.

  • Click "EDIT".
  • If using the Epson POS Printer supplied by BookingCenter, choose the "Buffered 40 Column" printer - the standard for POS roll printers. The 'unbuffered' will NOT work with all Macs to print the correct Booking Receipts, but will work with some.
  • Choose Print Receipts ALWAYS if using the BookingCenter POS solution.
  • Choose the Cutter option of the POS printer supports automatic cutting of the receipt after printing.
  • If you are using a Cash Drawer, choose this option. The Cash Drawer will plug into the back of the POS Printer and the Printer will issue the 12Volt prompt to open the cash drawer after each transaction.
  • Choose the 'Network Printer' for Macintosh customers ALWAYS and for WIndows if desired to use a Network printer.
  • Choose the "IP Address" you assigned to the printer, as your Network Administrator or manual from Epson described. • Note, BookingCenter support staff can NOT assign IP addresses for your printer. However, any qualified network admin person can do so as they will require knowledge of your subnet. Here is some guidance:

In our experience with all Ethernet models of the Epson TM-U22 printers, on the back of the printer next to the ethernet port is a little button/ hole. Push and hold that down for a couple seconds until it starts printing (obviously, you had better have the printer cartridge and paper installed first). It will print out the IP address assigned by Epson at the factory. Manually assign your computer to have an IP address in the same range (I.E. if the printer says, set your computer to with the same subnet mask, etc.). Plug a network cable from your computer directly into the printer. Then, you can change the settings.

The best way to connect to the printer is to plug the network cable from the printer into a PC (Epson officially supports only WIndows machines to assign IP addresses, though Mac can theoretically work). Set your PC to Static IP Subnet Save your settings, and than open internet explorer, or firefox, and access the printer by going to This will bring up an interface screen allow you to change the settings of the Printer to your production network and subnet, and save. When the Printer re-starts, the IP address you assigned wil be set and this IP address needs to be entered into the 'Printer IP Address' of the 'Register Printers' as below.

To establish the POS register, you can ignore the features for Labels, as these are intended for printing special labels such as Bar Codes and Wrist Band Printers from BookingCenter. If you desire to use these features, please contact and we can inform you of the supported Bar Code and Wrist Band Printers scanners and readers.

Enable Register Printer!!!

Go to the Parameters | System Configurations and check the button that says 'Use Registers". If this button is NOT checked, your POS register Printer will NOT work. That's it! You are now ready to use BookingCenter as a complete Point of Sale system.

Access and manage your Online Gateway Account

Each user of BookingCenter to use "Online Authorizations" has established an AuthNet Gateway account that connects the BookingCenter Software and <optional> online booking engine into your Merchant Account.

    Access Your Gateway Account:

      At the time of registration of your BookingCenter POS Module, BookingCenter will deliver a user ID and password that will allow you to login to your Gateway account at: and begin to manage your transactions.

    Learn AuthNet:
    Demo AuthNet:

Issuing Refunds, ChargeBacks, and Auth Only captures through BookingCenter

Refunds and ChargeBacks

Depending upon your use of the BookingCenter system., you will sometimes want to offer Refunds to customers. (See "Setting up Receipt Types" in the BookingCenter Reference Manual for more information on the Refund Receipt Type). BookingCenter will NOT automatically assign a Refund through to your Merchant Account, as most of our customers DO NOT want this. By issuing a Refund through BookingCenter, you can create a Refund receipt for the customer and choose to give them cash or check. If a refund issued to a Credit Card was intended, the manager will need to login into their Gateway account to actually issue a Charge Back or a Credit (which ever is appropriate). This is the only way to actually move money from your Merchant Account to the customer's credit card.

Auth Only Transactions

MyPMS supports 'authorizations only' as a part of the MyCard prosessing system, in additions to 'increment auth' or 'cancel authorizations'. BookingCenter Desktop does not currently support Auth Only transactions from within the software. A manager must login to their Gateway to issue Auth Only transactions.