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Adding “Book It!” Buttons to Your Website

Adding the “Book It!“ button to your website will allow users to click to make bookings at your property's website. If there are rooms available, the visitor will be able to “Book It” and that inventory will be taken off availability.

To place these images (or one that you create to match the “style” of your website), follow these directions:

  1. Place the image you want to use as the “Book Now!” image on your web server in a directory you write down - you will need the “path to the directory” later.

  2. On all the pages you want a visitor to be able to click “Book Now”, place the code pertaining to your Property that you will find when you login to the Member's Area of This code will be bring up the correct enquiry into the booking system for your specific property.

Below are some styles of buttons we have created to promote online bookings from your site. To place one or more of these buttons on your web site, save the images to your hard drive.



Background: When a booking is made, it is taken off availability EVERYWHERE publishes your rates and availability. That means the Network (the GDS systems and the web network) won't be able to double-book that room, as well as visitors to your site. However, if you don’t login to synchronize your bookings to the Service, you could conceivably “double book’ the room. So login frequently!

However, if you chose in your BookingCenter software Parameters | Internet Setup to be notified by fax and/or email, you will also be notified about online bookings via these methods.