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Datafile Setup

BookingCenter provides a turnkey program for customizing the BookingCenter Desktop software (Pro, Lite, or Lite with Network) or the web-based MyPMS. In days, any property can be up & running, increasing sales by marketing, selling, and managing your inventory on your own website, over 3,100 travel websites, the WorldRes, Sabre, WorldSpan, Amadeus, and Galileo GDS systems - right from your desktop! And we offer FREE upgrades to BookingCenter Pro from Guest Tracker and RezOvations systems, so you will have all historical and future information from your previous system in BookingCenter (for specifics info on upgrades from other systems, click here). All of this in two weeks!

What's needed?

A Personal Computer (Macintosh or Windows). If you desire the Global Booking Network, then the computer must be connected to the Internet. Any Internet speed will work.

A registered license of BookingCenter. The correct version of BookingCenter depends upon the number of rooms you manage.

How to get started?

Have BookingCenter prepare the management system for your property. We will ask you to fill out 2 short forms (download them here to see how easy it is) and send us your images as electronic files or as photographs to be scanned. Once we receive these, the BookingCenter Support Staff will audit your business practices, make advisements on good marketing directions, customize the BookingCenter software, and prepare you for the Global Network (you control when you want to enroll, but you will be ready). When finished, we'll send your customized Software ready to accept bookings from ANYWHERE and you'll be selling online and managing your own Internet marketing program in a matter of minutes (if desired).

In 2 weeks, you can be using the simplest, most far-reaching management and marketing program anywhere. Reduce your management costs, stop hassling with email, and expand your opportunities.

Order your customized Setup now!

Email us at or call us in the USA at 1-707-874-3922. Let us help you make booking and manage smart!