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Local Distribution System

BookingCenter is an empowering solution for reservation services. Whether online or offline, the BookingCenter solution empowers groups of properties, visitor information centers, or associations with management tools, online bookings, global distribution, secure payments, sales & commission reports and customer management.

Built from over 15 years developing and supporting property management and central reservation services, BookingCenter's tools and processes are time-tested and secure. A growing number of visitor centers, internet travel portals, and associations are installing BookingCenter to increase accommodation and package bookings for their members. Our tools manage the day–to–day operations while distributing control and earning revenues through the Global Booking Network.

The Local Distribution Product is the combination of a Central Reservation System, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Billing & Invoicing, and Agent/Reseller/Source analysis. Perfect for Destination Marketing Organizations, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Lodging Associations, Activity Providers, Event Organizers, and travel websites Each product below enables accommodation or travel suppliers to manage rates, availability, and descriptive content in the LDS and the Global Booking Network. The system works tightly as a complete business system.

A comprehensive property management solution that manages an entire business - from credit cards, group bookings and call accounting, to tax & financial posting to QuickBooks, M.Y.O.B., PeachTree, Sage. Can be used by remote booking operators or agents to synchronize with the LDS. Macintosh ™ and Windows™ compatible. Click here to read more information

The affordable solution for tourism operators with up to 10 rooms, BookingCenter Lite manages your entire booking business reliably and easily. Throw the paper away! Can be used by remote booking operators or agents to synchronize with the LDS. Macintosh™ and Windows™ compatible. Click here to read more information

The best property management solution for the 21st century. Because it runs on a web browser, MyPMS assures your business processes from anywhere. Combining credit cards, groups, call accounting, direct bills, invoicing, and reports as Excel & Word files, MyPMS is a scalable and flexible. Can be used by remote booking operators or agents to synchronize with the LDS. Click here to read more information

Simply add "Book Now" button to a website and begin taking bookings through a Booking Engine and the Global Booking Network with the Management Tool. This product links to the booking area in the LDS and can be accessed from any web browser. Customers can view rooms, rates & availability, and book or request. Click here to view more information

As a BookingCenter LDS, you'll provide booking system for your member properties and Agents as either real-time or requested availability; searches via amenity, activity, region, price; or any other criteria you require. Plus, commissions may be earned or given for booking — regardless of where it is booked: your 'Portal', AOL, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Agent in South Africa, or one in London. Anywhere the Local or Global Booking Network can reach - which is just about anywhere travel can be researched and purchased.

How it Works

The BookingCenter LDS creates business models around local travel networks. Similar to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), the LDS works on a regional and/or interest–focused basis that taps into an unlimited number of Suppliers, Agents and Resellers who do business within the LDS.

The BookingCenter Network publishes the rates, inventory, and content (images, policies, marketing messages, etc.) of each LDS property (optional) to the four GDS systems (Galileo, WorldSpan, Amadeus, and Sabre) as well as over 100,000 travel websites where customers are buying.

The LDS derives a commission, subscription, or flat fee from bookings made through their booking network. See an image of the LDS concept and download a brochure to learn more.

Earning Revenue from the LDS

Commissions From Bookings

Bookings made from a LDS website(s) are charged a negotiated commission, flat rate, or subscription fee. BookingCenter licenses and hosts the technology to empower the LDS business model. The commission fee depends upon who collects the commissions and from what network (Pegasus, WorldRes, GDS, Zuji, Orbitz, AOL Travel Channel, etc) the booking was transacted. A sampling of Global Booking Network Partner sites can be viewed here.

Commissions From GDS and 'Net Rate' Bookings

Each time your Portal books a GDS or Net Rate property (which is being managed by the property daily, without any effort of the LDS Portal operator), you earn a commisison on the sale. There is a higher commission on a 'Net rate' property that is available through the and the system, a lesser commission available through the Galileo GDS. Regardless, there are no fees to get started selling the 30,000 properties available through these channels, and it helps builds your Portal quickly.

Commissions From Software Sales.

The LDS Partner receives a commission from each sale of a BookingCenter product. For details on BookingCenter software products and packages, click here.

Sign–up and Hosting Fees for the Booking Service

Each property can provide real–time bookings direct from their Web site as well as from the LDS site and from the Global Booking Network. Many LDS Partners charge hosting and sign–up fees to properties for the setup and maintenance of this real–time service.

Recurring Service Fees

Each property has the option to purchase additional BookingCenter services, such as Point–of–Sale solutions, Call Accounting, Owners Reporting, Remote Backups, and Marketing Intelligence. LDS partners receive a percentage of these recurring service revenues while their properties get the benefits of a complete, automated solution.

Need more convincing? Read how the LDS is applied to an Association or Group and how it is applied to the needs of an Entrepreneur. We have also written a White Paper which provides an overview for how an Association benefits from this solution.

Become an LDS today! Contact us to get started. Click to view an LDS demo we made for Inns of San Francisco.