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Please provide us with some information so we can schedule time with you to demostrate how the Desktop works as a Backup to MyPMS when the internet is down.
A BookingCenter Representative will contact you within 24 hours to arrange for a live (online) demonstration to show you how you can benefit from the Best of Both Worlds!

As you may know, BookingCenter offers both desktop-based and web-based Property Management Systems.

The Best of Both Worlds combines the best of both of these property management solutions—perfectly optimized for companies who already use BookingCenter web-based solutions. We call this new “hybrid system” the Desktop Backup for MyPMS.

Now property management professionals can enjoy peace of mind for as little as $500. For that low fee, BookingCenter support technicians will customize a Desktop Pro PMS system especially for you, tailored to your property. Then, if you lose internet connectivity during business hours, you will have a ready-to-go onsite system that can be used for check-ins, check-outs, registration, confirmations, cancellations, and payment processing. Once your internet connection comes back up, bookings and bookkeeping will still need to be reconciled. But because all data has been stored in your BookingCenter Desktop Backup, the process will be greatly simplified. And you’ll never have to rely on reverting to pencil and paper again.

Here are some specifics about the system.

Desktop Backup for MyPMS is a local copy of the Desktop Pro installed on the Macintosh or Windows PC. The purpose of this system is to act as a “back-up system” for when the internet is temporarily inaccessible. 

This new system is not a “magic sync” tool.

Desktop Backup for MyPMS is a great tool but it is designed for a specific purpose. It will help you avoid disruptions for your guests and will allow you to record data easily.Transactions that your staff enters into the Desktop Pro during the time that the internet connection is unavailable will need to be re-entered into your MyPMS system once your internet connection is re-established. However, any data booked, modified, or cancelled through your Booking Engine or any Global Booking Network will seamlessly integrate to your MyPMS system, avoiding any re-entry.

Enjoy the best of desktop and internet-based PMS benefits.

The Desktop Backup for MyPMS offers you, in effect, “The Best of Both Worlds” by combining online and desktop software solutions. You will have a web-hosted solution for your day-to-day needs and a desktop back-up system for emergencies.

Only BookingCenter offers you this much capability and flexibility.

Contact BookingCenter today to get more detailed information about how the Desktop Backup for MyPMS will work for you.