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Guest Services Interface

BookingCenter provides interfaces to over 500 unique Guest Services devices in the following categories:

  • Call Accounting
  • Voice Mail/PBX
  • Movie System
  • Keys and Keyless Entry Systems
  • Point of Sale (restaurant & bar systems)
  • In-Room Internet Usage
  • Mini-bar Management
  • Energy Management

BookingCenter accomplishes these 2-way, real-time interfaces by working with the Lodging Link standard built on the Universal Hospitality Language Layer (UHLL) in order to quickly and easily integrate an ever-growing list of hundreds of hotel guest services systems; including PBX, voice mail, call accounting, in-room Internet access, point-of-sale, in-room movie, keyless entry, mini-bar, and energy management systems.

How the Guest Services Module Works

There is detailed information on how the interface solution works here, but in simple terms it works like this:

A property who uses MyPMS can connect any of the third party guest service products we support, or LodgingLink supports. On premise at the property is a PC setup as the Guest Services computer (alternatively, a property can purchase a stand-alone 'LodgingLink Premier embedded system box, though we don't usually recommend this). This computer is connected via TCP/IP or a serial cable running between the Guest Services PC and the device itself. Bi-directional capabilities are built into the interface, so issues like flow control and ack/nack are set in LodgingLink according to vendor's descriptions. As guests are checked in & out, and the services are used, that service is automatically posted to the Folio or to the guest service device. A few examples:

Movie System Example: A pay-for-view movie is watched in room. Once LodgeNet receives the bill, it posts - in real time - to the guest folio.

Key System Example: When a guest checks in, the BookingCenter Property Management System automatically creates a keyless entry card for the Saflok system, sending arrival, departure, and room information so that the Saflok system automatically creates the right card.

What Guest Services and Versions BookingCenter Support

Each device listed at: the Comtrol Supported Guest Services Devices page is supported within the MyPMS Property Management Systems. For details on what features the specific Guest Service supports(such as enforcing a 'credit limit' a supported POS system), BookingCenter will not know but this information is found in the LodgingLink notes on the actual certified interface, or by asking your Guest Service manufacturer directly about features they support for COMTROL/LodgingLink.

How Guest Services Interfaces are Priced

There is a one-time fee for the Guest Services module. Then, for each guest service there is a one-time purchase and yearly support fee. The support is required to enable us to stay current with the new features that a manufacturer places into their Guest Service product. To get a specific cost quote on interfacing your Guest Services with MyPMS, please contact us.