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Owner Module

The Owner Module allows management of accounts per OWNER in Desktop Pro, MyPMS, or Management Tool Pro. In many places around the world, this is specifically used for condominiums, rented apartments managed by a reservation agent, and vacation rental agencies. The Module enables a user to add their owners and what percentage (%) of the revenue the Owner will receive from bookings to his/her Units.

A manager can add 'Cost Types' which are categories of expenses that are applied against revenue as 'debits' or expenses. An example below:

owner costs

When costs are assigned to a unit (for example, a fixture repair) the entry is made as a 'Cost Disbursement' and applied to the Unit on the date the service was performed (or desired to be 'billed' to the Owner, back-dating and forward-dating is allowed). An example below:

owner costs

To generate Owner statements, a manager chooses a date range and BookingCenter automatically generates a Statement that does the following:

  • Adds revenue for each Booking under the TOTAL header for completed bookings in the time period (based on departure date).
  • Calculates how much of the revenue is credited to the Owner, based on what % is allocated to their Owner record, under the CREDIT header.
  • Calculates how much money in Costs were disbursed for the Owner's unit(s) during the time period, as a DEBIT.

An example:

Each OWNER (associated with specific units or unit types) can also have the following analysis:

  • Detailed bookings made, arriving, or departing between date ranges. This is perfect for providing a list of bookings per Owner. Click here to see an example.
  • Print out specific Owner Details on the Booking Confirmation screen to override the system default. This enables the Confirmation letter to provide property-specific driving address/contact details so that a specific confirmation letter can be sent for each booking based upon the actual Room booked. This can be sent as a fax, letter, or via email with one-click. Click here to see an example.
  • When used in conjunction with our Agents feature, the BookingCenter Owners Module can be used to manage your payments to each Owner. Click here to see an example.

The Owners Module is an OPTIONAL module to the either the Desktop Pro, MyPMS, or Management Tool Pro. It can be purchased and enabled at any time from our online Store.