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Property Management Software

A BookingCenter software product is as powerful a tool as you will ever need to grow your revenues and expand your operations.

Simple, powerful solutions to meet your needs include:

  1. Desktop PMS New Version 6 Upgrade
    A full-featured desktop-based software PMS for all Mac and Windows computers.
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  2. My PMS
    A full-featured Web browser-based management system - MyPMS - for managing anywhere without the need for software installation.
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  3. Management Tool
    An easy-to-use online distribution tool to market your property everywhere. A Pro version comes with financial management tools, a range of PMS and CRS reports, and a Letters system allowing unlimited customized invoices, confirmations, or folios via email, printer, or fax.
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All three tools ensure real-time synchronization between your property, your website, the GDS and Global Booking Networks. Let BookingCenter empower you to:

  • Manage your entire business - bookings, guests, rooms, and finances - from anywhere
  • Market to your guests via email, print and fax
  • Run reports using our full range of automated reporting and marketing tools
  • Find new customers through top international, regional, and local channels.

Software enhancements

We also provide add-on modules to BookingCenter Pro and MyPMS such as:

Customization and Training

Over 2,300 customers on 5 continents use our software to manage their properties. Many BookingCenter customers have us customize their software and then train their staff - within 2 weeks and for less time and money than any other comparable product. Find the BookingCenter software product that is right for you.