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Webervations Interface

With the Webervations Interface from BookingCenter, your property can take advantage of the BookingCenter system - either of our 3 management products - to make working with Webervations easy and automatic.

Easing Updates - BookingCenter maintains availability in over 8,000 systems concurrently with your Webervations listing,

Transparency – All your marketing channels are synchronized and up-to-date.

Control – All Webervations 'reservation requests' are downloaded into BookingCenter to be confirmed or cancelled - your choice.

Customizeable – You can build a separate marketing profile in Webervations than used in the Global Booking Network, so that commissionable and non-commissionable strategies can be pursued simultaneously.

Rate Control – Because you can set rates separate in BookingCenter than in Webervations, you can manage multiple rates to be as productive as possible in all channels - those commissionable and those not.


When a BookingCenter customer updates their availability from one of our products, the availability is automatically updated to the Webervations system. When a 'booking request' is made from the Webervations system, three things occur:
  1. Webervations marks the room as 'booked' and sends an email to the manager notifying of the reservation request.
  2. BookingCenter sends an email to the manager such as:
    A New Booking Number :WBR-12649211W has been received from the Network. Please use your BookingCenter software to Update Internet.
  3. The BookingCenter software automatically imports the reservation details - the guest, notes, room, and rate information - and then the reservation can be cancelled or confirmed with a single click. The process is fully 2-way and seamless!